MCRS-3WN 3Way Active System Stereo Electronic Crossover with 24db Low/Mid/High Filters


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Very High Quality Professional 3 Way Electronic Crossover For Active System Amplification. 
Two Models:
1- Electronic 3 Way Without Bass Correction Module
2- Electronic 3 Way With 19Hz Bass Correction Module 
Low Freq. Range for Woofer >300Hz 24db (18db with Bass Correction Module)
Mid Freq. Range for Midrange 300-3500Hz 24db
High Freq. Range for Tweeter 3500Hz 24db
Assembled Board Ready to use!!!
 High quality Product and reliability PCB FR4 1.6MM
Stereo Buffered Input With Original Genuine Low Noise OP AMP
Stereo Amplified Output With Original Genuine Low Noise OP AMP
24 db Filters with Original Genuine Low Noise Op-Amp
This item is only PCB with T.H or SMD combined components Assembled
Input & Output Connectors & Pins will supply
Working Voltage : 2X12-15Vdc 60mA Max.
Filters Frequency Can customize by buyer request
Standard Freq.:
Low 300Hz 24db (18db with Bass Correction Module)
Mid: 300-3500Hz 24db
High 3500Hz 24db
Level Control: Volume for each Output
PCB Size: 96mm*88mm double-sided HAL,FR4 1.6MM
Potentiometer Gap: 30mm (Center to Center)
MLP-2DR Module:
Low Pass Filter: 300Hz
Linkwitz Bass Correction: +12db at 19Hz Q0.5 FZ:55Hz QZ:1.21
MLP-2DR Bass Correction Module height 
MLP-2DR: 50mm
MLP-2DR Rev.2 SMT: 22mm

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MCRS-3WN, MCRS-3DR No Bass Correction, MCRS-3DR With Bass Correction


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