Analog Accurate Fast Action VU Meter Audio Level Stereo Driver Board MVU-AN1 Rev.3

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MVU-AN1 Rev.3
Analog Stereo Accurate Fast Action VU Meter Audio Level Driver Board
This is the real old school VU Meter from the 80’s
AC/SIGNAL/METER Connectors will supply
Onboard LED Illumination connector
Working with Low Level Signal 0db Scale = 775mv rms ac
Attention: Components value on pcb can be different with  what shows in the picture
PCB SMD Version: 78X31mm
Working Voltage: Single 9-15 Vac / 12-24Vdc
On PCB Input sensitivity Calibration Trimmer
On PCB Meter Adj Calibration Trimmer
Applications: Power Level Indicator/VU Meter For All Power/Pre Amplifier
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