Headphones Amplifier DC Protection with Turn On Delay Model DCP-HP1

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Stereo Headphones Protection & Turn On Delay
Can Use In Line Driver / Pre Amplifiers Output Stage
Very Small Size Assembled Board
Perfect for Small Size Audio Design
Perfect Solution for Headphones Amplifier Chassis / Aluminum Case Power Amp Shell
 High quality and reliability FR4 1.6MM
High quality product
High quality components
Can work with Single/Dual AC or Single DC Power Supply
Turn on delay to prevent turn on click and noise
quick turn off
On Board Turn On/OK or Protection Mode Dual Color Led
(All Connector included)
This item is only PCB with components Assembled
Working Voltage : 
Single/Dual AC 10-13Vac
Single DC 14-18Vdc
Time Delay: 2-5 Sec.
Current consumption: 30ma (On Stat)
MAX. Each CH. current rate: 1A
PCB Size: 50mm*32mm double-sided HAL,FR4 1.6MM
ApplicationsDIY Home Headphones Amplifier, Pre Amplifiers
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