MT-2 Mono/Stereo Volume Bass Treble Tone Control Pre Amp. Work with Single12-24Vdc


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Mono/Stereo Volume Bass Treble Tone Control Pre Amp. MT-2 Single12-24Vdc DIY

MT-2M Mono HIFI Pre Amplifier+Tone Control With Volume,Bass,Treble

MT-2STR Stereo HIFI Pre Amplifier+Tone Control With Volume,Bass,Mid,Treble

excellent performance of audio signal with great low noise transistors
amazing sound like the good old 70’s 80’s receivers
Both Models Work with single 12-24Vdc Power Supply
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KIT Diy you need to put all parts and solder it or Assembled Board
Input & Output PCB Connectors will supply
Input sensitivity: min. 250mV (for 0db Out)
Input Impedance: 100Kohm
Output Impedance: 1Kohm
Max output voltage: 1.5Vrms at 10kohm load (Tone at Flat)
Freq. Response: 20Hz-35Khz (-3db)
Tone control: 
Bass +/- 12db at 45Hz
Treble +/- 15db at12Khz
Working Voltage: Single 12-24 Vdc
PCB Size: 
MT-2M: 69mm*38mm double-sided HAL,FR4 1.6MM
MT-2STR: 80mm*51mm double-sided HAL,FR4 1.6MM
PCB Color: Green
Potentiometer Gap: 
MT-2M: 25mm (Center to Center)
MT-2STR: 30mm (Center to Center)
Applications: DIY Home Pre Amplifiers / Integrated / Power Amplifier

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MT-2M Mono Assembled Board, MT-2M Mono PCB+PARTS, MT-2STR Stereo Assembled Board, MT-2STR Stereo PCB+PARTS


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