Operational Amplifier Test/Compares Board For Single/Dual/Quad Assembled

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MOP-TST1 Assembled or KIT
Essential product in any electronics lab
With this PCB Module you can test All Single or Dual or Quad Operational Amplifiers
Now you can Compares Real Genuine OP AMP and find the Fake/Copy Chinese Parts
Voltage Regulator for this pcb module Can Be Found Here:
What it can do and how:
With this PCB you can test the Amplification (Connect Audio Signal or Signal Generator)
You can test the All parameters with Oscilloscope Like bandwidth etc.
RCA Input / Output Connector Make the process very easy
On Board AC or DC Coupling Jumper Switch for Input Signal and Output Signal
Test Procedure Single or Dual or Quad (not all of them together)
On Board Gold Plate Genuine 8,14 Pin Augat IC Sockets 
Working Voltage : Dual Power Supply +/- 12 – 18Vdc (Must Be Regulated)
PCB Size: 
 87mm*76mm double-sided HAL,FR4 1.6MM
Applications: OP AMP TEST
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