PA-HC2 Bipolar HIFI Black Edition High Quality Power Amplifier For 2-8Ω Speaker


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PA-HC2 Black Edition

Build your own 80W Bipolar HIFI Black Edition High Quality Power Amplifier For 2-8Ω Speaker

 Small High quality and reliability Black FR4 1.6MM PCB 

For Stereo Version You Need 2 pcs

For 2.1 System You Need 3 pcs

For 5.1 For Home Theater You Need 6 pcs

Output Stage with 4 Transistors Can drive down to 2ohm Speaker

Excellent performance Amplifier

This item is PCB with all components assembled ready to use. only need Heatsink and Power Supply

Easy and simple to connect. 

The recommended transformer for this amplifier is:

2-4 Ohm Stereo version: 2X21VAC 5A (250-300VA)

8 Ohm Stereo version: 2X32VAC 3.5A (200VA)

DC Working Voltage: +/- 25V VDC TO MAX. +/- 42 VDC 

Power Out: 90W @ 4Ohm [+/-32 VDC] OR 80W @ 8Ohm [+/-42 VDC]

PCB Size: 64mm*64mm double-sided Red HAL,FR4 1.6MM


RMS continuous power:

80 W Into 8Ω @ 2X42 VDC, THD 1%

90 W Into 4Ω @ 2X32 VDC, THD 1%

90 Watts driven into a 4Ω load (tested with 2X32V DC Power Supply)

80 Watts driven into a 8Ω load (tested with 2X42V DC Power Supply)

0.012% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N)

Load: 4-8Ω (*** Can work with 2Ω load when use 2X25V DC Power supply)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >103dB A-weighted

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Bandwidth: 15Hz to 65kHz -1dB

Damping factor(100 Hz @ 4Ω): 200

Input sensitivity: 1.1 VRMS For Max. Power Output

Input impedance: 20KΩ

Load impedance: 2Ω-8Ω

DC Offset: < 10mv

Quiescent Current: 30mv

Applications: DIY HI-FI Home/Car Power Amplifier, HI-FI Home/Car Subwoofer Amplifier

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