MPA-80 Power Amplifier Bipolar 120W/70W Great Performance Amplifier. TH./SMD

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MPA80S-K Bipolar Class AB Transistor Power Amplifier PCB assembled and tested

Simple Design Class AB Power Amplifier with Very Good Performance

You will do your Own Home/PA Amplifier

YOU CAN CHOOSE What Version Will send to you

MPSA80-K = T.H Version

MPA80SMD = SMD Version

When you make order add note “T.H or SMD”

 High quality and reliability Components & FR4 1.6MM PCB

DC Offset Calibration

Bias Calibration

Working Voltage: +/- 30V VDC TO MAX. +/- 50 VDC 

PCB Size: 100mm*62mm double-sided HAL,FR4 1.6MM

The recommended transformer for this amplifier is:

 2X36VAC 4A 300VA (For 8Ω Stereo Version)

2X30VAC 5A 300VA (For 4-8Ω Stereo Version)


RMS continuous power

120 Watts driven into a 4Ω load (tested with 2X40V DC Power Supply)

70 Watts driven into a 8Ω load (tested with 2X40V DC Power Supply)

0.05%Total Harmonic Distortion

Load: 4-8Ω

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >100dB A-weighted

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.5dB

Bandwidth: 20Hz to 100kHz -3dB

Input Impedance: 10k ohms

Applications: DIY Home/DJ/PA Power Amplifier, Home/DJ/PA Subwoofer Amplifier

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