Professional Studio HiFi Headphones Amplifier MHDP-SR875

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Professional Studio Stereo  Headphones Amplifier. 
HiFi Super Quality Powerful Amplifier for DIY
Small dimensions: 59mm X 39mm
On Board Volume Control
Very Wide Working Voltage: Dual +/-5Vdc to +/-18Vdc
 High quality and reliability FR4 1.6MM PCB 
Output Stage with Bi-Polar Transistors
Low Noise Input Op-Amp
This item is PCB with all components assembled ready to use. only need Connect Power Supply Signal In Signal to H.P
The recommended Voltage for the Best Performance is: 2X15Vdc
Working Voltage: Min. 2x5Vdc to Max. 2x18Vdc 
Current Consumption: 9mA (with no signal) 130mA Full power with 32 Ohm H.P
Frequency Response: 15Hz-22,000Hz
Power Out: 600mW Each Ch.With 32 Ohm Headphones (4.5V rms)
Input sensitivity: 775mV 0db (To max. power drive)
PCB Size: 59mm*39mm double-sided HAL,FR4 1.6MM
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