Subwoofer Low Pass Filter Electronic Crossover ASSEMBLED OR DIY KIT SUB-2K Freq. 50Hz~235Hz


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Subwoofer Low Pass Filter 
Electronic Crossover DIY KIT For Active Subwoofer
***Work from Amplifier Power Supply***
no need aux voltage voltage stabilizer on board
2 Order Option:
1. DIY KIT You need to Place and solder all the components
2. PCB with components Assembled Ready to Use
 High quality Product and reliability FR4 1.6MM PCB
Stereo Input To Mono Output
Working Voltage : 2X18Vdc to 2X35Vdc
Current Consumption: 4mA
Frequency Control : Low Pass Filter adjustable 50-235Hz 12db
(can be changed by request)
PCB Size: 72mm*37mm double-sided HAL,FR4 1.6MM
Potentiometer Gap: 25mm (Center to Center)
PCB Size: 
55mm*48mm Green double-sided HAL,FR4 1.6MM
Recommended Low Voltage Regulator Board:


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