MT-2S Stereo HIFI Pre Amplifier+Tone Control With Volume,Balance,Bass,Treble

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MT-2S 2019
Assembled Board Stereo HIFI Pre Amplifier/Tone Control With Volume,Balance,Bass,Treble Board
  This Is Very High Performance Analog Stereo Tone Control Amplifier
Very Clean and Good Sound Quality
Low Noise Jfet TL074 Input & Tone Op Amp !
We Use ONLY Original Genuine Parts
This item is only PCB with components Assembled
Input & Output PCB Connectors will supply
Input sensitivity: min. 250mVrms – max. 3Vrms
Input Impedance: 100Kohm
Output Impedance: 33Kohm
Max output voltage: min. 1.2Vrms MAX. 8Vrms @ 10kohm load (Tone @ Flat)
Tone control: 
Bass +/- 15db @ 40Hz
Treble +/- 15db @ 15Khz
Working Voltage: Dual 12-18 VDC (+/- 12V-18V DC)
PCB Size: 94mm*50mm double-sided HAL,FR4 1.6MM
Potentiometer Gap: 25mm (Center to Center)
Applications: DIY Home/Car Power Amplifier
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